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A Healer’s Responsibility <3

April 21, 2015

Projection direction

Point the finger

Push the blame

Onto another elected candidate

All in all

We all share this mess

We’re all to blame

But that wont stop us

From pushing the shame

Onto another

No responsibility taken

So we have a leviathan new world order hoarding all the responsibility

And simultaneously, all the wealth

There is no coiincidence here^

We blame we blame

We must take responsibility ourselves

We act like children

Pushing our stuff like fools

Onto the next

Push push

Back and forth

It will never end without our own intervention

We can be stuck in this back and forth pettiness forever

Is that what you want

Surely it’s not what I want

I take responsibility for all I’ve done

Do yourself the same today

Healing begins inside all of us

We all have our own guilt

We cannot project

We cannot project

Serving the status of bordered countries

Of world wars

We cannot project

They take all the responsibility

So they get all the wealth

And you know what, they deserve it

If we cannot take responsibility for our own actions


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