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It’s so dark

April 21, 2015

It’s dark. so dark in here.
Are you crawling. Trying to find the light.
Like a baby. Hungry for it’s true sight.
Are you searching. Searching for the cure.
To find an answer. An answer to this purge.
Do you feel horrible, horrific, lost, afraid.
Alone, dismayed, in this world, allayed.
You are not alone. There are many others like you.
Infact when you think about it, this is the common reality.
We are all suffering. In our own, various ways.
Disconnected, and afraid.
Dying inside. Because the ego shuts us off.
From love, happiness, and all things above.
We want and want to purge this barrier.
To push through to love and leave the hysteria.
It is tough, it is hard. A road we are all walking now.
As we join hand in hand and pray a somber tone.
Please I insist. Keep on trying, for love.
Do not give up. Do not forget, it’s our only home.
When we lust and we forget, just continue to trust.
The love in our hearts, is our home, it’s a must.
Just love. Be peace. Be free. Be harmonious.
Be like the ascended masters. Know the game. Ascend. Ascend.
You can do it. You all can do it. We’re doing it together.
The tangled web that’s been weaved we unweave together.
Please, we all must, forget about the past and the mistakes.
All that matters now, that will last, is the forging a new way.
Through our hearts and higher minds, we see this is the truth.
It takes us there, it gives us hope, for a new world not too soon.
We all love, We all care, we all hope, we despair.
We must stop fighting, ego’s dying, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it.
Just start loving. Just love again. It’s the only choice. The only way.
I know you’re afraid. I am too. But this home is the way.


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