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All from Various Psychic/Astrological (And Spiritual, Self-Help, Counseling) Advice I have given these past few years!

Light years ahead of his peers, Greg von Haesler is a refreshingly youthful sage of wise spiritual counsel. He approaches astrology with an artist’s gift of interpretation and a scientist’s accuracy of process and data analysis. I had always believed in astrology because of the multitude of characteristics I share with my sun sign. However, Greg’s reading included so many hidden, “shadow” aspects revealed by the other planetary influences in my chart that I felt as though he had been reading my diary and personal life-long journals…! His insights were uncanny and I highly recommend his services. Gwen Olsen, Activist, Speaker and Author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher
Gwen Olsen
Satisfied Customer! 

“Greg Von Haesler is a brilliant young man with a deep and often amazing grasp of astrology. Greg is also very intuitive and at times I did not know if he was reading my chart or reading my soul. Greg holds up this soul mirror with great skill and insight. He is good, and I highly recommend his deeply affecting astrological work.”
John Dupuy
Integrative Life Therapist

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Greg in February 2010. He is an astrologer that not only loves his craft but also has vast knowledge and a heightened intuition that enables him to escort his clients into brand new reality, one in which conscious co-creation is the foundation. I am honored to call him a colleague and a dear friend. Ross
Ross Mckenzie
Client, Colleague

If you are wanting to find out more about yourself and the forces influencing your life, then you have found the right person. Greg knows me better than most but through the reading he reached deep levels of who I am, ones that we had never touched on before. He is sincere in his connection to his clients, and he is eager to answer any questions for the possible discovery of an untouched plane. Greg’s ability to go into detail regarding my astro cartography was astounding and intriguing. His intense passion for what he does shines through, Gregory is brilliant in his wisdom of Astrology. You won’t find better.
Aubrey Oliver

I was never really that impressed with astrology readings until I met Greg. His readings, along with his insights are very accurate and inspiring. Greg’s kind nature and intuitive soul make him a phenomenal reader. I recommend him highly and can’t wait to get my next reading from him.
Maria McCoy Baird
Friend, Colleague, Client
Manifesting Me

The first word that comes to mind is amazing. Greg was speaking truth and in that he said everything that was spot on. Greg knew how to speak with me. He adjusted to how I would be receptive to my reading with him. Greg made sure I had time to ask questions and he would clarify anything I needed. His reading is of utmost quality and I shall never forget it. I highly reccomend this wonderful, skillful gentlemen. Thank you Greg.
Sarah Knox
Friend, Client

I had a reading from Greg. He was not only right he was right on. He was very tender in the way he shared the information as he cares about the receiving end. That is hard to find. That is why Greg is indeed one of a kind and you will get more than your looking for.
Sarah Knox
Friend, Client

Never having had a reading before, I was not sure what to expect. Greg’s gentle nature and kind energy eased away any hesitation I may have had, and the reading he gave me completely blew me away. His excitement and passion for what he does can be felt in his readings, as he answers the questions you ask. Greg knew very little about me when he did my reading, yet he pegged my personality traits to a T, before delving into my dreams and the future that I asked about. His details amazed me and I left my meeting with Greg uplifted and inspired.. ready to continue on the path he confirmed was the right one for me. So, don’t waste your time with astrologers who speak in generalities and who don’t know what they are doing. Greg is the real deal!!! ~ Bridget
Bridget Streb
Friend, Client
Manifesting Me

Greg is a blessed individual. He brings light and truth in the form of spiritual information, his insight has helped me grow internally and spiritually. If you have any question or thought, release it unto the universe and you shall be enlightened. Greg is honest, kind, and the best psychic I have the privilege of knowing. 🙂
Friend, Client
Jacob van Leeuwen

I found Greg’s astronomical chart reading to be very illuminating. His insightful descriptions propelled me to further explore the conditions and essence of my reality. Greg’s reading helped me notice and accept facets of my life and personality that were previously hidden from my attention and/or would sometimes cause inner conflict. Many thanks 😉 ~Neta
Friend, Client
Neta D

Amazing, fast shipping, an wonderful product! (About an Orgonite Pendant)
Jennifer Amaral

Exceptional Wisdom was offered to me throughout both of my readings with Greg Jove Von HaeslerNatalie Leigh throughout her Reiki treatments with me have stopped horrible cramping and left me feeling absolutely empowered!!!!!! I would highly recommend that you try the experience, we all have our doubts in the beginning but these two have proven to be the real deal!!!!!!!! (About readings and healings with Natalie and Greg)

(Additional Testimony)

Greg, I am sitting here still stunned from the reading from last night. You called both my relationship and work to a tee. For instance I spoke to my coworker when I got home and she couldn’t get over how you knew about having to “bow down to people there”. IT is exceptional!!! Thank you!!!!!
Friend, Client
Monica McWhirter

I’m a paranormal investigator and purchased a few orgonites from Greg. Last night was the first time I took the orgonites with me to an active haunted location. Most of the investigators were being touched, being whispered in their ears and feeling uneasy when going by themselves to a room. I’m truly surprised by the effects of the orgonites as I was the only one who was NOT touched or heard whispers. I was sent by myself to a room where it’s known to be creepy and I got nothing! One of many occasions we were all together in a room where there was a particular chair NOBODY could sit on because if you did you would be touched or whispered “out”. I sat on that chair TWICE and NOTHING happened :))) Course I did not tell my fellow investigators I had my orgonites with me…they were amazed how come I could sit on that chair and nothing would manifest…we talking about fearless guys who would not dare to sit there!! I am amazed with the results! Thank you Greg! You rock!!!
Monica De Mello
Friend, Colleague, Client 

Greg, all I have to say is I love it I love it I love it!
(Regarding a Life Force Energy Device)
Tony Liker
Friend, Client, 

Dude! I got the necklace and all I gotta say is….WOWZERS!!!!!!!!! It does wonders!!!! Thank you bro…Ill b buying more for sure!
Garret Lattimore
Life Force Energy Device Recipient

I feel more energetic and positive and balanced. I was going to buy this book on how to balance your yin and yang energy so I can function better, but then I found orgonite! an easier way. BAM! easy! thanks!
Wendy Soohoo
Life Force Energy Device Recipient

I had a psychic reading from greg and it was spot-on accurate. The reading opened my mind in such a way that I now see beauty in every little aspect of my life. I sincerely thank greg for his natural talents and showing a new perspective to my life.
Jeremy Johnson. Friend. Psychic Reading Recipient

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